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Dark Magic® Espresso Blend

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Green Mountain Coffee®

Dark Magic® Espresso Blend

Spellbinding complexity, crafted for sweet and intense espresso. Excellent as a drip coffee too!

Kosher Regular
Product ID Description UOM Cube Adj wt.
70670 4-lb Bulk, Whole Bean (2 per case) CS 12.22

Ah ... espresso. Alchemy in a cup, and the very essence of coffee. A properly prepared espresso is a tazza of bittersweet liqueur; thick, rich and languid on the tongue, topped with a dense layer of copper-colored crema — the hallmark of an expertly crafted cup.

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Customers are saying...
I drink espresso coffee only, and rarely, I mean rarely like drip coffee, because it is just too weak. But this is a drip coffee I love.
- Cooper's Mom, Grantham, NH
Critics are saying...

Rating: 86 Points (out of 100)
Coffee Review 86 points Simple, roasty aroma, with smoke, toast, butter, cedar, a hint of bananaish fruit. In the cup heavily astringent but rich and sweet-toned with gently scorched cedar and dark chocolate notes and a surprising hint of night flowers. The rich sweetness dominates the astringency in the finish.
— Ken Davids,, March 2008

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